How Long After Quitting Smoking Does Erectile Dysfunction Improve?

You already know that there are lots of health benefits to quitting smoking, including preventing lung disease or cancer. But discarding this vile habit can also lead to improvement in other areas, such as sexual performance. If you are or were a smoker and you experience erectile dysfunction, it may surprise you to know that just by quitting smoking, you can improve your growing problem. 

Can smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

So what’s the big deal about smoking and erectile dysfunction? Well, it’s a pretty big deal. 

First of all, science shows that men who smoke are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction regardless of their age or other contributing health factors. This means that young men, not just the middle-aged or elderly, are at a higher risk for experiencing problems with their erection if they smoke. The risk is even greater in men who smoke heavily. It also increases the more cigarette packs a man goes through over the course of his life. 

The other side effects that smoking produces can also impact your penis’s ability to erect. For example, cardiovascular issues associated with this habit can initialize a decrease in blood flow throughout your whole body, including to your penis. Less blood flow equals a harder time erecting. 

Even men who don’t smoke themselves, but are exposed to secondhand smoke, may find themselves struggling with erectile dysfunction. One study found that the higher the level of cotinine, which is a component of tobacco and is used to measure a person’s exposure to tobacco smoke, in a man, the greater the chance that that man will develop erectile dysfunction. 

So whether you do it yourself or are around other people who do it, no matter your age, smoking can literally cause you to experience “growing” pains. The good news is you can reverse this problem by doing two simple things: quitting smoking, and making sure you’re not exposed to secondhand smoke on a regular basis.

Now, how long after quitting smoking does erectile dysfunction improve?

If you quit smoking, on average you’ll see improvements in the functionality of your erections within 6 months to a year. That may seem like a long time, but it’s better than continuing to smoke and prolonging your struggle to “grow.” 

Actually, it’s extremely important to stop smoking as soon as possible if erection is difficult for you to achieve. Some studies have shown that the older the former smoker, the more difficult it is for them to regain erectile function. Younger men under 50 years of age who quit smoking, however, seemed to improve their sexual performance abilities without any issues. 

Other ways that smoking negatively impacts your manhood

Smoking doesn’t just affect your penis. It negatively impacts other aspects of your manhood, as well. You may find yourself grappling with psychological issues that affect your sense of confidence, self-esteem, and masculinity.

Studies have shown that smoking is associated with depression, although there is some debate as to whether smoking causes depression or the other way around. Certainly, we know that there are people who light up as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. But the science seems to show that smoking is not a real fix for these problems. In fact, a smoker may spiral even further into depression instead of feeling better. 

Depression is another cause of problems erecting or simply in a lack of interest in sex in general. Unsurprisingly, a man who experiences low libido and a lack of sexual desire or confidence may buy into the illusion that their masculinity is undermined or even nonexistent. They may not feel that they are performing adequately in the bedroom or that they’re not satisfying their partner. As a result, they can slip further into depression and worsen their erectile dysfunction. 

Combine this mental health aspect of smoking to tobacco smoke’s physiological effects on male sexual performance, and the situation may seem hopeless. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to erectile dysfunction and smoking, and all the mentally and physically detrimental side effects that come with both, it’s vital for you to remember that you’re not alone. These are issues that many men have overcome, as can you.

If you need some support in your journey to conquer ED and smoking, Viking Man can help you develop a comprehensive plan to improve your erectile dysfunction caused by smoking. Click here to fill out a health questionnaire that will help one of our licensed doctors develop the best treatment plan for you. Don’t wait to regain control of your erections.

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