8 ways to treat erectile dysfunction

When you have erectile dysfunction, it may seem like you’re utterly alone with no viable solution to turn to. But that’s not the truth. The truth is that there are several treatment options open to you, from behavioral changes to prescription drugs. Which one works for you will depend on your health status, your body’s unique needs, and your mindset.

Below are 9 ways to treat erectile dysfunction in men of every age. 

1. Exercise

Here’s an easy way! Well, easier said than done. Not all of us are gym nuts, and sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise when you’re tired from a long day’s work.

Nevertheless, exercising might be just the thing you need to put the pep in your penis. Physical activity increases your metabolism, which helps you burn fat and therefore lose weight, which can help increase your self-confidence. It also improves blood circulation, and your penis needs good blood flow to erect properly. 

2. Take zinc

Zinc is a mineral found in nature but not in the human body, so we must obtain it from outside sources. There are several health benefits to taking zinc, but the most relevant one as far as erectile dysfunction is concerned is that it improves testosterone. Healthy levels of testosterone lead to higher libido, higher sperm count, and greater muscle and bone size and strength. 

If your testosterone levels are low and you’re zinc deficient, try taking a zinc supplement to restore the hormone balance in your body.

3. Take iron

If you experience anemia and fatigue, you may be iron deficient. Iron improves blood quality and flow, which in turn helps your erection. But be sure you get a blood test before you start loading up on this mineral. Too much of it can actually make the problem you’re trying to solve worse if you’re not deficient or have high levels to begin with. 

4. Eat better

Junk food doesn’t do anything for your overall physical health, and it certainly doesn’t help your little friend out either. A poor diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, obesity, and even physical conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Each of these things contribute to erectile dysfunction. 

Start incorporating healthy fats and proteins that give you nutrients and energy instead of depleting it. You’ll feel better, stronger, and more prepared to give your all in the bedroom.

5. Stop smoking

Smoking, interestingly enough, has a direct effect on your penis’s ability to erect. Men who smoke are at a higher risk of developing ED, particularly if they are heavy smokers. The risk only increases with the more packs they go through over the course of their lifetime. It’s also harder to regain erectile function the older you get without quitting. 

If you smoke, the best thing you can do, not just for your sexual performance but for your entire body and mental health, is to stop. On average, you should see improvements in your ED within 6 months to year after you quit.

6. Treat depression

Depression, as well as other mental health issues, can have a huge impact on your ability to erect. When you’re depressed, your libido lowers and you just don’t have the energy or desire to perform any kind of sex act. If you’re worried or stressed, these feelings can contribute to ED, as well. If you find that your mood is low and you have ED, speak to a professional and get real help. You must address the root cause of your health issue if you want to get better. 

7. Undergo testosterone therapy

For men with extremely low levels of testosterone, erectile dysfunction is a common malady. Some doctors recommend testosterone therapy to these individuals. Through the use of injections or a gel, the hormone is inserted into a man’s body to boost their levels. This method might be ideal for men who have tried every natural method to cure their ED but have met with no success. Hormone therapy, however, should be approached with caution, as it can negatively affect your mood, your weight, and your energy if you take in too much. 

8. Take medication

You’ve probably seen commercials for Viagra and other medications designed to help men with ED. This is a step you should take with your doctor. They can recommend the best prescription drug that will help your situation, and that won’t interact with other medications you might be taking. Click here to set up your online visit with one of Viking Man’s licensed doctors. 

Final thoughts

You may find an easy solution to your ED problem, or you may have to try a combination of different treatments to find out what really helps you. With all of these treatments listed above, it’s clear that there is a direct correlation between your overall health and your erectile function. Any step you take in improving your general wellbeing can be a step towards improving the wellbeing of your penis.

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