5 Ways To Grow A Viking-like Beard

Historical accounts of the ancient Vikings tell us that not only were those guys incredible warriors, but they also had some wickedly impressive beards

These weren’t your run of the mill, scraggly, patchy beards you see on a lot of guys in modern times. Viking facial hair was long, full, and, most importantly, well-kempt. 

It may come as a surprise, but in their heyday, the Vikings were some of the cleanest, most hygienic people in Europe. Excavations of ancient Viking sites revealed that razors and combs were commonplace items, and every Viking bathed at least once a week. That may not sound clean from a modern perspective, but it certainly was in the Vikings’ time, considering that other Europeans didn’t even bathe that often.

Having a beard or some type of facial hair was also an important sign of masculinity and showed that you were a respected member of the Viking community. If you were a man and you didn’t have one, you were not as well respected or trusted.

How do we get our beards to look like that nowadays? What was the secret to the Vikings ability to grow such formidable facial hair? 

If they had any secrets, we probably won’t ever find out what they were. More than likely, they used simple practices like the ones we’re about to share. 

How To Grow A Beard Like A Viking

Here are 5 simple, practical ways that you can encourage your facial hair to turn from thin and sparse to thick and luxurious. 

Keep Your Beard Clean

Keeping your beard clean is important for your hair and skin health. If you don’t wash it and brush it regularly, then it will become unpleasantly oily as sebum starts to build up on your skin.

Sebum is a waxy substance that normally provides a layer of natural hydration for your skin. But when you don’t wash your face, the sebum starts to collect and clog your pores. Your skin and beard hair will develop a greasy sheen that not only feels gross but doesn’t look too attractive, either. 

Not washing your beard and face, combined with sebum buildup, also makes it more likely that you will develop inflammatory acne and ingrown hairs. The result will be extremely unattractive, and un-Viking-like, facial hair. 

We recommend washing your beard and face at least once a day. To make it easier, you can complete this step when you take your shower and use your favorite shampoo. Eat A Healthy Diet With The Right Nutrients

Part of maintaining a healthy beard is eating a healthy diet – with the right nutrients, of course. Protein, biotin, Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, fatty acids, iron, and zinc are all nutrients that help your hair become healthy, strong, and thriving, and they’re easy to find in food sources

Interestingly enough, many of the food sources we’re about to list would also have been eaten by the Vikings. This may be part of the reason for their success in growing such perfect beards. It should help you achieve the same or similar results, too!

Try incorporating more of these foods into your diet to help grow your Viking facial hair.

  • Chicken (protein)
  • Fatty fish (protein, fatty acids)
  • Eggs (protein, biotin)
  • Spinach (folate, iron, Vitamin A, vitamin C)
  • Berries (Vitamin C)
  • Beans (zinc, iron, biotin, and folate)
  • Nuts (B vitamins and fatty acids)
  • Seeds (zinc)

Keep Your Beard Trimmed

While trimming your beard won’t help it grow faster, it will go a long way to making your beard look fuller and healthier during the growing process. In addition, it will help you maintain the beard shape you desire. Just periodically shave off the hair in the parts of your face where you don’t want it to grow.

Be sure to trim your beard when it’s dry because beard hairs lay differently when they’re dry than when they’re still wet. Finally, don’t forget to trim the hair on your neck, as well! Remember that you’re trying to grow a beard, not a scarf.

Take Biotin Supplement

Our research at Viking Man has shown that biotin, also known as vitamin B7, promotes hair growth. 

If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough biotin from food sources, you can always add taking a supplement into your daily health routines. That’s why we developed our Hair Gummies – delicious gummy vitamins packed with biotin and other helpful vitamins.

Be Patient

The most important thing to remember when growing out your beard is to be patient. 

The speed at which you’ll grow your facial hair may be helped along by daily washing and brushing, a healthy diet, and supplements, but a lot of it will also depend on your genetics. Some people’s hair grows fast, while others can take many months.

Don’t be too hard on yourself during this awkward phase. Just keeping it clean and trimming when needed will make a huge difference in your beard’s overall appearance, even if it’s not very long or is taking a long time to grow out. 

Remember, too, that the most important step to growing a Viking beard is to keep yourself and your hair healthy. You don’t just want hair, you want thick, soft hair with a healthy shine. That kind of growth starts from within, by consuming the right foods and taking all your vitamins. 

Patience is a Viking virtue. Cultivate it, and you’ll have the beard you’ve been dreaming of in what seems like no time at all.


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