At What Age Does ED Start & Why Is Age Even A Factor?

As you get older, are you noticing that you have a harder time getting it up? Maybe you don’t experience problems with your sexual performance, but you’re worried about it becoming an issue later in life. Whatever the reason is for your concern, it’s important to know how age impacts erectile dysfunction, or if it’s even a factor at all. 

At what age does ED start & is it even a factor?

There are lots of different reasons why men experience ED, and not all of them are related to age. For example, health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and low levels of testosterone greatly affect a man’s ability to erect. Another cause of ED is smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. Men who smoke have been found to be at a higher risk of developing erection issues than nonsmokers. 

The key takeaway here is that all the above issues can be compounded with, you guessed it: age. 

According to Dr. Mark Newton at UnityPoint Health, about 50% of men over 40 years old struggle with ED. That’s a huge number of men, and it’s certainly an understandable cause of concern. 

Maybe when you were younger you didn’t take care of yourself as well as you should have. Maybe your diet was poor or you didn’t exercise enough. Or perhaps you got sick or injured and your overall health spiralled downward from there. 

As you get older, those behaviors and conditions catch up with you and can lead to even more problems, like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These problems can, in turn, cause erectile dysfunction. 

How to prevent ed as I get older? 

If you don’t have ED yet or believe you are starting to develop it now that you’re older, there are some basic preventative measures you can take to prevent erectile dysfunction. 

1. Take care of your health

This one should be a no-brainer, but it’s important enough to highlight: you must take care of your health. This means evaluating yourself, being aware of any physical or mental issues you have, and visiting your doctor if you think you’re developing any serious problems. 

Many men don’t want to go to the doctor if they’re experiencing ED because they’re embarrassed. Throw that embarrassment out the window! If you get help now, you’ll avoid bigger problems in the future. The same applies to feeling pain or discomfort with any part of your body. Remember, heart disease, smoking, and diabetes can also cause and worsen erectile dysfunction. 

If the idea of walking into a doctor’s office to discuss your penis problems still doesn’t sound like your ideal afternoon, we’ve got you covered. Click here to set up your telehealth visit with one of Viking Man’s licensed doctors and avoid the awkwardness of in-person doctor visits.

2. Exercise

Exercise increases blood flow and helps you burn unnecessary fats. If you’re not walking, running, riding a bike, lifting weights, or performing any kind of physical activity daily, get out of your chair and get moving! Your penis will thank you later. 

3. Take zinc

Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral that has been shown to improve testosterone levels. If you’re getting up there in age and have low testosterone levels, zinc may be a safe way to help correct that imbalance. 

4. Eat healthy

Stop eating all that junk food and increasing your risk for serious health issues! Instead, reach for healthy fats like olive oil and avocados, iron-rich foods like beef and spinach, and zinc-rich foods like fortified, non-sugary cereals, nuts, and shellfish. These types of food will not only improve your overall health, but target areas like your cardiovascular system and hormone levels. As a result, your ability to erect will also improve.

5. Quit smoking

If you’re a smoker, you need to quit before it begins to affect your sexual performance. Smoking, and exposure to secondhand smoke, has been shown to increase a man’s risk of developing ED. On the other hand, quitting smoking will typically improve erectile function within 6 months to a year.

What if I’m already experiencing ED? 

If you’re over the age of 40 and you’re having trouble erecting or staying erect, then you may already have erectile dysfunction. 

First of all, don’t let yourself get depressed or angry at yourself. ED is a common problem in men in general, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. You should, however, try to improve your situation and prevent erectile dysfunction from worsening. You can do so by following the steps we suggested in the previous section. It may be that your ED is simply due to nutrient deficiency, lack of proper blood flow, being overweight, or being exposed to tobacco smoke. Diet and exercise may help with these issues. 

However, don’t be afraid to seek out medical advice. If you’ve tried natural remedies and your ED is not improving, don’t let it get worse or just live with it. A doctor can test your blood and find other potential nutrient deficiencies you weren’t aware of. They can prescribe medications that will help increase your libido, or diagnose an underlying condition that’s causing your penis’s inability to grow. Another option might be to look into Viking Man.  We provide ed treatments to all individuals. You can contact us at 833-698-4546 for any questions you might have.

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